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Fun with a Mission!

We aim to provide each and every child who visits Duran Place for Kids, with play experiences that will help build their confidence and motivation to learn and try new things.

High quality play-based learning experiences

Simple Pricing

  • $25 per Tutoring Session
  • $120 Membership
  • $30 2hrs of Private Play
  • Gift cards available on location

Founders Message

This is a very exciting time for all of us here at Duran Place for Kids.  Setting up our new activity centre has been our labour of love.  When you have imagined something for so very long, in such great detail and you pray and ponder, and when doors open for you and paths clear, this dream can only be realized.  You live with gratitude as you watch each part unfold.  So many have come to help us and we also could not have done this without each other. As a couple, we adopted this dream so early on, we held onto it and loved it.  All of the joys that come of it matter only in so far as we can celebrate it with each other and share its goodness with others.

We give you the warmest welcome here to Duran Place for Kids.  It bears the name of a wonderful family whose sacrifices and hopes are wrapped into the heart of this children’s activity centre.  Our aspirations are that each child’s years are marked with a quality of play and learning that contributes to their well being.


We hope to share Duran Place for Kids with you,

Tina De Crisci and Claudio Duran

Why the Red Bouncy Ball?

The ball is the universal toy and every child will play with it differently.  Some children will roll it, kick it about, use it as a stool, role play athletic moments of glory, cover it with mud or pretend that it is treasure.  All of these ways of playing with a ball are good because as we now know from countless studies, play is a child’s work.  Play is the way that they learn.

As parents, let’s ask ourselves what keeps our child’s focus the longest?  If your child came into our centre, where would they go?  Would they go straight to the turf and play ball, or would they head to the dance studio?  Would your child want to build with blocks or play an instrument?  Would they want to practice a language or practice cursive writing?  Would your child like to get messy in the art studio?  We need to give our children lots of time to just play.

At the Duran Place for Kids, everything is purely recreational.  Exploration is encouraged here.  It may take some trials and this is where we are different from other children’s learning centres. You and your child are not obligated to stay committed for months at a time to just one activity.

If your child is not enjoying what they sign up for, then you simply stop and pick another activity. They may also add more than one activity to their week.

If we follow your child’s interests, from that strength will come the confidence that they need to succeed in life. What’s your child’s play?

Schedule – lots of choices in one building!

To help balance busy family life.

We understand that family life can be busy. That is why Duran Place for Kids is pleased to offer parents on-line weekly sign-up schedules for their children’s play and learning.

Pick and choose what you like to do.

Perks of Membership

At Duran Place for Kids, we give children a place to experiment and play.  Our indoor and outdoor activities, provide the space and opportunities that kids need to use their imaginations and get off technology. We help parents find activities that will keep their children busy.  We have spread, over four levels, a variety of play and learning opportunities.

As members you not only enjoy access to all group activities and classes of play and learning but you will receive access to a dedicated crew of teachers who will provide you with information regarding lessons and help for your child.  Members receive benefits of free food for birthday parties, free play passes to blocks and sand and preferred rates for your guests.

We recognize the importance of play. With school, homework and busy family life, play can be easy to forget. Our place provides both unstructured and learning based play which is crucial for child development.  With a monthly membership your family can visit again and again, fitting it into your family schedule.

  • If you took just 2 classes per week that would pay for your membership.
  • Save $90 if pay in full for 6 months
  • Save $360 if pay in full 12 months
  • Summer: July and August memberships if paid in full $240 plus hst.
  • Camps-One Free Full day with registration

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