Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements

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  • Open Play

  • $

    10 + hst

  • 7 Days A Week

    By Reservation

  • Private Play

  • $

    65 + hst

  • 7 Days A Week

    By Reservation


  • Big Blue Blocks
  • Non-toxic, resistant to germs, mold and mildew
  • Unique play system
  • Imagination Playground blocks is a design by award-winning architect David Rockwell
  • Lots of loose parts for children to create play spaces
  • This is self-directed and open-ended play
  • Perfect for boys and girls
  • Made of closed-cell foam – soft, lightweight, waterproof and recyclable
  • Durable blocks

Does your child like to build?

Building is a great activity for logical thinkers.  Kids carry out plans that they come up with and they learn to be flexible when they have to adjust the plans that don’t work out.  Building is fun.

All children must be supervised by their adult or guardian while using the blocks and playing in the sand room.

Build and Play access to Blocks and indoor sand.


  • hand coordination- using hand and finger muscles with grasping and wrist control with all that scooping, dumping and molding
  • experiments with volume, weight, and measurement
  • imaginary play and creativity
  • social skills- kids learn to share the sand and the space.  You will see some collaboration on big projects and negotiation for space and tools

Whenever possible we avoid plastic sand toys and tools and replace them with wood and metal.  Kids love playing with the “real things” over plastic.

Parents can supervise from a short distance but still create that independent play experience that builds trust and confidence.  This kind of independent play experience is found to help lessen separation anxiety. We use Sandtastik White Play Sand which is safe and non-toxic for kids.

PURE PLAY EXPERIENCES! We welcome drop-ins to this popular awesome play space but encourage you to always call ahead to ensure your spots.


Attention Teachers and Parent Councils

Half day and full day rentals of Big Blue Blocks (Imagination
Playground) Great idea for gym class alternative, play days, Open
Houses, Fall Fairs and more. With direct curriculum links to math and
sciences. Enjoyable for 20 – 25 children at a time.